Welcome to AC Nurden Quality Builders, a renowned and award-winning construction company in Malmesbury, UK.

Our long-serving and adept Artisan Tradesmen excel in all forms of Roofing, Stonemasonry, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrics, Landscaping, Decorating and more and are the backbone of AC Nurden Quality Builders, their expertise encompassing the entire spectrum of any project.

We are proud to offer all trades “in-house” from our base in Malmesbury.
Whether the undertaking involves traditional dry-stone walling, specialist plumbing and cutting-edge heating systems, the finesse of elaborate lighting designs, the meticulous application of ornate plastering techniques, or the guidance of a seasoned decoration specialist, our dedication to perfection remains resolute.


With all our services under one roof, AC Nurden Quality Builders team of Artisan Tradesmen can be trusted to provide a timely, comprehensive and high-quality construction solution, tailored to your needs.


The complexities of roofing hold no challenge for our seasoned experts, whether the task involves new construction, repairs, or restoration.

Armed with a comprehensive portfolio of traditional techniques, they approach listed buildings and conservation projects with unparalleled prowess. From swept valleys and dormers to intricate leadwork, every detail is meticulously executed.


Hailing from the heart of Wiltshire, our heritage is deeply intertwined with the traditional materials that have graced the surrounding counties for centuries.

Our proficiency spans a range of architectural styles, from Cotswold-style cottages to structures fashioned from hand-made bricks, Bath stone ashlar, and Limestone slabs. Be it advising, restoring, or adding harmonious extensions to these architectural marvels, our expertise is at your disposal.


Our team of skilled carpenters takes pride in their profound understanding of woodwork. They are specialists in oak timber framing...

…cut roofs, hardwood flooring, bespoke joinery, built-in furniture, kitchens, and meticulous fitting out. Widely acknowledged for their dedication to perfection, our carpenters have earned their reputation through the painstaking restoration of period details within buildings.


Our decorator fuses classic and contemporary aesthetics to elevate interiors with elegance. Their heritage-rooted expertise harmonizes...

…ornamental detailing, painting, furniture restoration, and textile elegance, crafting comfort and sophistication. They revive intricate mouldings, restore antiques, and orchestrate lighting to accentuate design nuances. Personalized design narratives resonate with individual visions, infusing spaces with timeless relevance and exquisite finesse.


To cater to the intricate demands of period properties, we have assembled a dedicated plastering team that excels in offering top-tier quality and traditional detailing.

Proficient in time-honoured plastering techniques, including lime rendering and the restoration of intricate cornices, our team seamlessly integrates these skills with modern plastering practices.

Landscaping & Groundwork

At the heart of construction, a groundworker is a versatile craftsman who shapes structures and pathways. From excavating earth to laying foundations their skills span various tasks.

They install drainage systems, pour concrete, and place paving stones, leaving a mark on the landscape. With technical expertise and an eye for detail, a groundworker creates the strong base upon which our world stands.
Our Groundwork team will also own all aspects of landscaping, restoring the construction area to its former beauty once work is complete, ensuring that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Plumbing & Electrical

Our expertise doesn't end at traditional buildings; we are equally well-versed in the latest technological advancements for both exterior and interior requirements. Whether it's embracing renewable...

…energy solutions, pioneering heating options, intelligent wiring, avant-garde lighting design or hi-tech toilets; the experience of our Plumbers and Electricians is matched only by our network of trusted partners, all of whom stand ready to bring your aspirations to life.

Floor Finisher

In the realm of interiors, the floor finisher emerges as a skilled artisan who brings elegance and functionality to spaces underfoot. Their expertise lies in the final touch that transforms bare surfaces...

…into polished canvases. With precision, they apply coatings and materials, whether it’s sleek hardwood, elegant tiles, or resilient vinyl. The floor finisher’s meticulous work not only adds aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance. Beyond their technical prowess, these artisans understand the significance of harmony within a room, enhancing its overall ambiance. With a delicate balance of aesthetics and practicality, a floor finisher plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and visually pleasing environment for all who step across their finished work.

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